About US

As with any other story involving fashion "WE LOVE CLOTHES", we love shoes, we love accessorizing, we love everything about creating fashion and feeling good in what you are wearing.  

We are a mother-daughter (Elizabeth & Kayla) team that hold the same obsession for each others closets! We are both involved in the trades, I, mom work in the construction field and I, daughter am an engineering student working in retail. Never in our dreams did we think we would pick up and run with the idea of owning an online business that caters to our creative and to our obsession with shopping and clothes, yet here we are. 

We are proud to say that "Watermoon" is a new, women and minority owned online boutique!  Our aim is to provide a fresh output of style that is not boxed into an age group but a well rounded selection of stylish pieces that will fit the lifestyle of todays modern female. An entrepreneur whose drawn to adventure, the stay at home mom with a side hustle and love for fashion, the 9-5 female that also likes to relax but loves a girls night out, and the collegiate female that loves to make a fashion statement. Our principal as “Watermoon” is to provide you with a feel good outfit no matter the occasion or location (we love relaxing at home but feeling comfy and confident). A place where she can log into and see herself in every piece no matter her personality, profession, or age. 



WATERMOON is an East Asian proverb meaning "Something that can be seen, but not touched" like the moon reflected on the surface of water, something beautiful but unattainable, a DREAM.  


To us WATERMOON is our dream come to fruition. It's the irony that makes it so perfect.